90% of Startups fail, but you won't.

Get the headstart you need. Our Customer Experience solutions and comprehensive support are guaranteed to help you achieve greater efficiency, flexibility, and scalability.

StriveUP is your strategic business development partner that designs and implements personalized customer experience journey roadmaps and provides staffing and operational support.


See how StriveUP helps you overcome these top failure drivers

Ineffective Team

We’re more than just a gateway to specialized offshoring solutions.

We are a partner that empowers you and your organization with unparalleled collaboration and support, fostering a more effective and motivated team.

Running Out of Cash

Whether you’re bootstrapping or trying to secure funding, our cost-effective solutions are guaranteed to put you in the best financial spot.

We design a customer experience journey that boosts your revenue with laser focus on retention, conversion, LTV, and etc.

Lack of Market Need

Gain the flexibility and headroom necessary to pivot resource spending toward product and marketing strategies that align with market demand.

StriveUP not only provides cost-effective solutions but also ensures a substantial runway for your startup’s success through profitability and strategic guidance.

Our Services

Business Operations Support

With the help of StriveUP’s BPO industry experts, our goal is to help start-ups and SMBs operate effectively and provide exceptional customer experience for their customers.

We can provide top-tier talents that seamlessly blends into your existing team, or build and scale an entire team from scratch. All fully managed with our own customer success and dedicated operations manager.

Virtual Assistance Services

Founders, executives, and solo business owners are often spread thin which leads to exhaustion and inefficiency.

Here at StriveUP, we have a curated pool of virtual assistants who can perform wide range of tasks suitable for your needs. All fully managed with a customer success manager and dedicated operations manager.

Comprehensive Ongoing Support

At StriveUP, we’re committed to both of your success and wellness by providing free comprehensive on-going support when you hire through us.

We provide free business consultation and fractional management services. We conduct team or individual wellness coaching sessions to help your team be more collaborative and motivated.

Wellness Coaching

Get weekly wellness coaching sessions with our in-house wellness coach (group or individual)

Fractional Services

Schedule weekly consultations or requests with our in-house experts.

External Management Support

We’ll provide you with a dedicated manager to manage and grow your small team until it’s big enough to warrant one.


Our Winning Formula


Optimization and tailored solutions

Beginning with an in-depth audit, we optimize processes to enhance efficiency and scalability. From there, we collaborate with you to design a customized roadmap for your customer experience journey, ensuring alignment with your goals. This empowers your startup to seamlessly navigate rapid growth with efficiency.


Data-Driven Approach for Peak Performance

Establishing KPIs for consistent performance, meticulously analyzing workload and volumes to inform strategic hiring decisions. Whether it’s boosting sales, elevating customer satisfaction, meeting SLAs, our data-driven and strategic approach is tailored to not just meet but exceed important metrics, even your revenue targets.


We strive, your business thrives.

We do not only attract top-tier talent by offering our people rates double the industry standard, but we also empower our team members with remarkable growth through our ongoing training and leadership programs that will make them your future leaders driving your business to success.

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